Lets start off with that, yes, Hello.

When we came up with this idea we were asked a number of Questions. So lets enjoy a read of them together.

“Why are you doing this?”

That is a very good question. With so much misunderstanding taking place throughout our lives, don’t you think it is time to just sit down and listen? We as a society have become smarter and more connected than any time in History. But at the same time we have become disconnected to the real pulse of the world: Humanity. It is our goal to once again sit down at the campfire and listen to the oral stories that connect all of us. While we can’t light a physical camp fire we can offer a good cuppa and a wonderful story.

So where can I find a Fireside ?

We will be having them at Schools, Community Centre’s, Libraries, Aged Care Facilities, and Special events to just name a few. Though with diversity training businesses will benefit from the services.

How much does this cost?

Surprisingly not much, in fact nothing to the general public. But let me ask you to think about this. How much does confusion, ignorance, misunderstanding, and, sadly hatred cost society? Can we afford to keep going down the same path?

Do I have to do anything?

Yes. Sit down and relax and hear the life story of someone interesting. It is not much to do, is it? We encourage questions during and after the storyteller’s yarn. We believe it helps everyone gain a deeper understanding and tolerance of our rich and diverse society. Although if you would like to help we are always looking for storytellers

“Who are you looking for?

Well it is very simple, YOU. We believe that every person has a story to tell. It does not matter the Colour of your skin, where you came from, who your are Attracted to, if you live with a Disability, or if you are a Veteran. You see this list can go on and on. It is so very simple we believe YOUR story is IMPORTANT and that others will also. So lets work together and bring it LIFE….