Hello everyone,

The Human Roadshow is the publishing base for all currently published and up and coming projects by Aleana Robins. We will keep you in touch with all of the projects and how they are going. Here you will be able to find the latest news on each one of her projects. See there current and coming availability. She has even talked about tossing out a short story here and there.

Currently, Aleana has part one of her life story out. The Shadow of Ally which is an interesting view into the life of a young transgender who’s life was a constant battle to hide the fact of being Transgender. It shows the toll and costs of coming out while being honest to the dirt that many others hide.


Which can be purchased from your local book store or through Amazon. Though we kindly ask that you first try your local book store to show your support for these wonderful merchants. The shadow or Ally is also available via Kindle Direct.