About us

We are a multi-community based organisation, working together to understand one another. Life offers so many challenges that can only be met with the courage of understanding. We aim to not only empower communities rise to meet those challenges, but to be there with them as they are conquered.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the Human Library, who over many years has served to enlighten our minds and challenge our preconceived ideals in regards to diversity. Like so many projects throughout the years, changes need to take place to allow growth. The goals of the Human Roadshow are to expand on the foundation stones laid by services such as The Human Library, Motivational Speaking and Harmony Day .

We aim not only to enlighten others about the diversity that is all around us but to also work with people to share their life stories before they are dust in the sands of time. It is our belief that shared histories is one of the bonds of human existence. The more we share our stories the more we grow as a society. The shackles of ignorance disappear as we learn about the lives of others. We support all healthy endeavours both physically as well as mentally that expand our communities.

Come join with us and be enlightened.