Fireside Chats

The Human Roadshow once again seeks to return to this simple yet powerful idea of Fireside Chats. We call people to once again sit around a fire and listen. To enlighten communities to understand Diversity in it many forms. The Human Roadshow will be offering Fireside Chats to schools, community centers, and Aged Care Facilities. While we can’t light a physical camp fire we can offer a good cuppa and wonderful stories. Stories of everyday people the ones you pass all the time but never get to know.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Our anti-bullying campaign aims to empower young people. We believe it is harder to bully someone when you understand them. We wish to help schools create their own Fireside Chats using the stories from students past and present, teachers, and guests. The Human Roadshow will support and work with schools offering guests and guidance to continue a healthy Fireside Chat Program of their own. We will work with educators to build diverse and inclusive environments.

Inspired Conversations

We offer Storytellers from local and broader communities. People who have fascinating stories that cannot be shared without taking time to listen. Inspired Conversations create the opportunity to do this and engage with storytellers to gain a deeper understanding of those whose lives have been different.

Professional Development

With our unique approach we will work with your team. We will help you be ready to create a more diverse and welcoming environment for current and future employees to better serve the ever changing face of the community