The Choice

Changes are underway here on the Human-Roadshow. What we are in the process of doing is making all of the chapters available via Aleana’s Patreon site for the basic cost of $3 a month. The reason for doing this is that as a new Author it is becoming harder and harder to publish new material. As well as with the current US administration they are making it easier to refuse service and working with the LGBT+ communities. Being that she is part of that community it has already impacted her ability to use a publisher.
So the idea of using Patreon will allow her to put her work out without having to deal with people being Jerks and also to create just enough pressure for her to complete these books. This also allows for a source of income for her family. Each Chapter will be released on the first of each month. Like any good book you can download it and print it out at home if you wish to.
We only ask that you respect the copyrights that are in place on all her works. At the completion of the book however long that takes, we will self publish the book using some of the proceeds from the monthly subscriptions. Then if you wish to buy a copy of the book she will alert everyone on Patreon first.

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But as a teaser….. She has chosen to give you a small view of the start of the book. Please enjoy this little teaser and if you feel like you would like the full first chapter simply click on the above button and join my Patreon.

Hello, the date is November the 23rd the year really does not matter as it happens on the same day, every year for over 13 years. There is this house, the only house on a small little gravel lane. There is nothing wrong with the house. It’s rather large in size with plenty of space for a family of seven. Time moves forward and two of the children grow up and move away. But the one thing that remains steady throughout the years. There is a dark presence that evades it and erupts in violence from one person towards another. It makes no sense, it has no rhyme or reason, it just simply is. It fills the whole day from sun up to sun down. It is always directed only at one person, never the children. But they are always collateral damage there is no shielding them from this hate. Everett is a wonderful gentleman with a heart of gold. He is not very tall only about 5’6”. He started to see the grey in his short brown hair a few years back. Everett always seemed to have a smile that fills the room. But he hides a secret pain that of loving a person who knows the person he loves hates him. One should question why he puts up with so much hate directed at him. But no one ever does or steps in to stop it. But I am about to put an end to it all. Just watch…..